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Getaway to Vienna - Olamelama blog
Servus! After Hamburg (in french), Freiburg and Madrid, I decided to take you to Vienna! I announced it last month on my last Lama Diaries (but in French, sorry…), I went to spend 5 little days in Austrian capital! Just back from those short holidays, I wanted to share my discoveries and good spots before leaving to a music festival… I wanted to create a little video for this trip to Vienna but my phone decided to stop working when it’s more than 25°C… Not very practical for the blog but excellent for a small digital rehab. Nevertheless, I managed to take some pictures to share with you 🙂 Here we go!

The unknown: Vienna, Austria.

Before leaving, I have to admit that I never thought I will travel to Austria. I did not know what to expect or what to do there. So, when our friends invited us to attend an Empress Sissi style wedding in a castle in the mountains, I couldn’t refuse! The wedding was scheduled for Saturday and we arrived in Vienna on Thursday afternoon to return Monday night. We chose to stay in two different Airbnb (at two different locations in the city) and to be free of any plans because my favorite way to travel and to discover the true personality of a city is not to organise anything. I think I would write an article further on the issue soon but I’m a real fan of slow travel 😊 Our program: Wander, enjoy and relax! You have understood, this little Vienna guide will be under the sign of relaxation.
Vienna - Cathédrale Saint-Nicolas de Vienne - Olamelama blog

Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Vienne. Not so bad, right?

Vienna by bike

Soon we realized that Vienna was really big and that the 25°C/30°C + walking all day was going to kill us. We decided to rent bikes during our stay (with some exceptions when it was too far or when I was close to death). Vienna is riding on the green wave/bobo style and offers great bike rental system at a small price via CityBike Wien. There are rental stations everywhere in the city, the bikes are nice and decorated! Using your bank card, you can register on the website of the service or at a bike terminal for 1€ (cheap). The first hour of use is free (super cheeaaap), then you pay 1€ per additional hour. It’s really rare that you make more than an hour of biking continuously, so, we rode all weekend for 1€! Vienna is a relatively bike-friendly city, there are many routes for cyclists (and a ring for cyclist which circles the city) and even areas only for cyclists and pedestrians. In general, drivers run OK but I almost died two times anyway, so be careful!
Vienna Citybike Wien - Olamelama blog

Real sportive in action (no, actually, I cried a lot)

The good tourist

In general, I try to avoid the crowd and touristical places because I find it a little draw and I really didn’t want to lock myself in a museum or a church… In fact, it was 33°C the day we arrived and the good weather stayed with us until we left! So, I spent 5 days in shorts and playsuit (real life) and, armed with my bike and my water bottle, I went to discover some essentials of Vienna.
Vienna - Prater de Vienne - Olamelama blog

Prater of Vienna

  • Prater of Vienna: Located near the Danube, the Prater is a large park which includes a permanent fair, a big wheel, a football stadium and a convention center. You know that I loooove fairs… So we had a very good time there! The entrance is free and the attractions have a reasonable price. You will also find plenty of restaurants and shops as well as many Biergarten (famous outdoor gardens that serve good beer and good food – as in Germany). I advise you to go to Schweizerhaus: A beer garden that serves you typical Viennese dishes that are de-li-cious. It will be a good moment to try Schweinsstelze (or Haxe – the pork knuckle) or the famous Wiener Schnitzel (made from lamb and not pork!). Be careful, the portions are huge and there are a lot of people! We met a couple of Austrian who explained the history of Austria, it was great! (Schweizerhaus Prater 116, Wien)
Vienna - Palais du Belvédère - Olamelama blog

I feel a lot more “princess” now

  • Belvedere Palace: Built between 1714 and 1723, this small household this palace is an indefinable beauty. This is where the treaty of independence of Austria was signed after World War II, in 1955. Today it’s a museum and a beautiful park in which is delightful to walk around and hang out.
Vienna - Quartier des musées de Vienne - Olamelama blog

A bit of culture and tranquility…

  • The museums quarter of Vienna: As one of the largest cultural complexes in the world with 60 000 m2 (which is a lot), it is also one of the coolest places I’ve discovered in Vienna! The MQ is located in a great neighborhood with nice shops and cinemas (including the only bubble tea shop in all Vienna #cantlivewithoutit). Like I said, I didn’t want to visit a museum (it will be for next time!)… But we stayed all afternoon to drink homemade ice tea at the terrace, to do the idiots in photobooths, to speak and sleep in the sun. Perf-fect!

To do in Vienna

Vienna - Souvenirs de Vienne - Olamelama blog

Some souvenirs…

I don’t have much more to show you because once the weekend arrived, we went to celebrate the wedding of our friends in a small town located in the mountains, 70km from Vienna. For the occasion, I totally left my phone and I enjoyed this crazy day. But here’s what I suggest you do in Vienna to spend the best weekend ever:

Go to see the Danube – Eat one Apfelstrüdel in a typical coffee – Bike around by night – Go to Haydn Cinema to see and English movie – Discover the Naschmarkt and taste as many things as possible – Chill at the Volksgarten – Party at Schwedenplatz – Pass by the Zoo of Vienna – Visit tons of museums – Drink a bubble tea – Take the train and go to see the mountains – Enjoy!

I know that many of us can’t go on holidays this summer… This little stay in Vienna will be the only holidays I give myself before returning to work – until October. But that’s okay, we will take our revenge later, when prices have fallen, when the tourists are gone and when everyone will be depressed to be back to school, right 😂? If you don’t have holidays, I wish good luck and I hope you that my article made you travel just a few minutes! If you’re on holidays … Enjoy (and no, I don’t hate you!) ❤️

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