Who run the world? Robots! (EN)

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Queen B was wrong. Girls are not ruling the world! I found the real version of her music clip…


I had a lot of fun doing this gif I have to admit #guilty

Here is my (long) robot selection!


  1. Oldie but goodie, Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Game (19,88$ on Amazon.com)
  2. This little beauty is on my window but I don’t have coins to feed him! Robert the Robot (9,99€ on Butlers)
  3. Press out the button on his back for a surprise 😉 Mr D Cell (57,97$ on Amazon.com)
  4. Cute and green! Robot Succulent (33,12€ on Etsy – XYZWorkshop)
  5. Robota clock will tell you the hour (5€ on Tiger)
  6. For all the cooking lovers R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set (19,99$ on ThinkGeek)
  7. I, Robot from Isaac Asimov (this edition is at 33$ on Amazon but you can find it much cheaper) It’s a collection of nine science fiction novels. Some of them are really nice (also this edition is so pretty in my library)
  8. Mr. Robot (2015. More infos on IMDB) A very very nice serie from Sam Esmail. Without spoilers, it’s the story of a programmer/hacker who has social anxiety disorder and  ton of things will happen to him. The first season is very promising and I’m looking forward to see the next one 😉
  9. RoBoHon, a robot smartphone. What should I say more? (from Sharp, no price yet, should arrive on the market in the second trimester of 2016)
  10. Robot Frames (22,71€ on Etsy – LittleGrippersStore)
  11. Coolers slippers ever for cosy sundays Giant Robot Slippers with Sound (29,99$ on ThinkGeek)
  12. Humans (2015. More infos on IMDB) Very nice British-American serie about artificial intelligence and robotics. Looking forward to see the next season too 🙂
  13. Robot Tea Infuser (9,99§ now on Modcloth)
  14. To mix up two of my favorites topics: Robot VS Dinosaurs (24,60€ on Etsy – GnomEnterprises)

And what about your selection? Leave a comment to tell me what item you would also like!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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