Japanese cooking – Book selection (EN)

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To celebrate this new year, I would like to make a statement: I will try to post one article per week. Are you excited? Because I am! Let see if I can make it now. To begin this challenge, I decided to share with you a little selection of Japanese cooking books. My amazing boyfriend offered me a very nice book for Christmas (Tokyo cult recipes – 1st in the list below) and now I’m fully ready to cook Japanese at home! If you are like me and you like food, take some notes 😉


  1. Tokyo Cult Recipes – Maori Murota. (35$ on Amazon.com but you can find it on the french Amazon for 25€)
  2. Japanese Cooking made simple – Salinas Press (18,55$ on Amazon.com)
  3. Japan: Japanese Cuisine for beginners – Laure Kie (18,64$ on Amazon.com. If you are french speaker you can find it for 14,95 €. For this price, I also recommend you Le grand livre de la cuisine Japonaise, Izakaya: Aperos Japonais and/or Nouilles Japonaises: Soba, Ramen, Somen, Udon. They are all from the same author, more books from her and infos here)
  4. Donabe: Classic and modern Japanese clay pot cooking – Naoko Takei Moore (22$ on Amazon.com)
  5. The food of Japan – Takayuki Kosaki (5$ on Amazon.com)
  6. Nanban: Japanese Soul Food – Tim Anderson. (25,91$ on Amazon.com)
  7. Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes – Ivan Orkin (20,38$ on Amazon.com)

Bon appetit!

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