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After the success of the robot selection, I decided to continue the game and find out more about… Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs are so cool, too bad that they are dead. Actually, I have a pretty good collection of dinosaurs items in my flat, we can almost play the game « How many dinosaurs can you find in the room? » Here is a selection of 10 cool dinosaurs items found on The Internet.



  1. Let’s start small by the decoration of your kitchen. What about two cut salt and pepper shakers? I mean, so cute! (Amazon.com, 17,14$)
  2. Something that will make you the coolest at the tea party with you grandma. (Amazon.com, 7,95$)
  3. How to keep your little head warm in winter. (Tokyo Otaku Mode, 18,99$)
  4. I have a reindeer in my living room but I find the T-rex head super cool! Don’t you? (Etsy.com, NearandDeer, 108,35€)
  5. A super cool jewelry holder showing up a dinosaur collection! (Etsy.com, MidCityMod, 25,39€)
  6. It’s for little kids but who care about it, right? (Amazon.com, 35,13$)
  7. Because I would like to say that I will have lunch at Sauropod time. So cool! (Etsy.com, MustHaveGifts, 36,75€)
  8. I got this one, woohoo! I’m so much in love with it. Carl (it’s his name) is eating plants in his garden house right now. (Tiger stores, 5€)
  9. Pimp your walls with those super cute frames! (Etsy.com, LittleGrippersStore, 22,61€)
  10. I also have this little one on my desk at work. He’s the souvenir of a trip to Gent and a great helper! (Amazon.com, 13,01$)

Do you like dinosaurs? What do you think about the last Jurassic Park movie? Would you like to adopt a dinosaur? If yes, what would his/her name be? Answer those questions by comments 🙂 Raw!


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